FLower Keychain


  • Size: Charm – 2 inch
  • Material: Charm – Acrylic

Allah is with You wherever you are” {Quran 57:4}

“Flower Keychain” which reminds You that Allah is with you, he is watching you and he is witnessing your deeds wherever you are, in your home or desert, on land or sea, during the day or night.  All of that is the same before His knowledge and all of it is under His sight and hearing. He hears what you say and sees where you are. He knows your secrets and your public statements.

Allah is with every human being in every situation, at every place!

This Keychain can be added to your car keys, house keys, cupboard/drawer keys or simply attached to the zipper of your bags for added style.


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FLower Keychain
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